7 Amazing Benefits of Using Rosemary Oil for Hair

Are you suffering from hair issues such as excessive hair fall, patchy scalp, premature greying, or dandruff? All these issues occur due to dryness. As the winter season approaches, everyone will face excessive dryness on the scalp and the skin. The Hair becomes thin and dry in no time. Moreover, shifting from cold to hot water showers affects hair and scalp. It dehydrates the hair and scalp and also thrives for nourishment.

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In these circumstances, a better approach is to look for possible solutions at an early stage. To keep the hair in good condition, it is necessary to look for the right ingredients each season. Rosemary oil is the one-stop solution for all your hair problems with its astonishing benefits. 

This article will discuss some major benefits of using rosemary oil for hair growth and how to take maximum advantage of this amazing ingredient. In addition, we will discuss how to use the oil in the right manner to get maximum output. So, let's dig in and find out what is rosemary and rosemary hair oil and their major benefits. 

What Is Rosemary and Rosemary Oil?

Rosemary is a staple herb from Italian cuisine that is loved for its fragrance, flavor, and amazing benefits. It is an amazing ingredient in different food recipes and is widely used in aromatherapy to get peace and calmness from its peppery fragrance that affects the nervous system. Additionally, rosemary is considered a medicinal plant due to its analgesic effect and other potential health benefits 1

Rosemary oil is an essential oil extracted from plant components and sold as true oil. During the past years, there have been claims that the oil is effective for hair growth. The research studies also show its positive effects on hair breakage and loss. Further, it helps with an itchy scalp and helps prevent a dry scalp in winter. So, let's see how rosemary helps in hair growth and do such wonders. 

7 Amazing Benefits of Using Rosemary Oil for Hair

Rosemary oil has amazing properties that help fight severe issues with skin, hair, and oral hygiene. In addition, it has some amazing medicinal properties that make it an ideal herbal remedy for use at home. Help yourself recover from all the hair issues, such as patchy hair loss, dead follicles, dandruff, and stunted hair growth. The plant is an enriched source of anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, has an analgesic effect, and has active compounds as hair growth factors. Here are some amazing benefits of using Rosemary oil on hair. 

1.    Treats Baldness and Alopecia

Rosemary oil helps with hair growth. It benefits alopecia and badness patches on men's and women's heads. The studies show that rosemary is an effective ingredient for treating androgenic alopecia. It yields great results in hair growth compared to the hair fall drug Minoxidil 2%, which is used for baldness and hair loss 2. A randomized comparative trial suggested its positive results for alopecia patients. 

To regain the hair after an alopecia or to cover the bald patches, follow the following steps:

  • Add a few drops of Rosemary oil to your essential hair oil.
  • Apply it directly to the hair and scalp and massage with hand palms.
  • Leave it for six hours so that it soaks well.
  • Mix it with your hair conditioner or shampoo for potential results.  
  • Rinse well to enjoy the amazing results.

2.    Fights Dandruff

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Rosemary is a perfect combination of antifungal and decongestant properties that help you fight dandruff 3. The dandruff results due to an uncleaned and oily scalp. An oily and damp scalp is more likely to get a fungal or mold infection. With the antifungal and antibacterial properties of rosemary oil, the hair can be prevented from an early infection.

Additionally, the oil aids by eliminating the excessive oil from the scalp and clearing the scalp of product and dirt buildup. A healthy care regime, including rosemary oil for hair care, clears dandruff and reduces the risk of fungal infection. The cherry on top gives you stronger, denser, healthy, and shiny hair.

3.    Prevents Hair Loss and Breakage

Rosemary oil, when used with other essential oils such as coconut oil, almond oil, or mustard oil, strengthens the hair texture and prevents breakage. In addition, the oil acts as a vasodilator and plays a vital role in improving blood circulation. Enhanced blood circulation in the scalp potentially increases hair follicles and reduces hair loss. 

The hair loss result from excessive hair breakage, inflammation, eczema, or scarring that interferes with hair growth. rosemary oil's ability to prevent loss comes from its prevention of breakage and its improved scalp environment.

Furthermore, the studies reveal that its amazing properties of improving nerve function and circulation are as effective as the Hair fall drug Minoxidil 4. Preventing hair fall improves hair regrowth and makes them long and strong. So, try to make this oil a part of your daily hair care routine and enjoy the perks of strong, long, and healthy hair.  

4.    Prevents Premature Greying

White hair or premature graying is a common issue in individuals with darker hair color. It is a sign of hair aging, but sometimes it can be in the genes. Further, it can also occur due to insufficient nutrients in the body required for hair growth and development. 

There are many ways to restore hair pigmentation but not natural. Using rosemary oil on hair prevents early aging, leading to premature greying. In addition, the plant contains ingredients that have a darkening effect. With the combination of sage, rosemary works best to treat premature hair graying. 

5.    Improves Hair Growth

The rosemary oil not only reduces hair fall and treats alopecia but also aids in hair growth. The damaged nerves are repaired with their active components, nourishing the scalp for hair growth. In addition, studies suggest that rosemary leaves contain Rosmarinus officinalis, vital in stimulating hair growth 5

Additionally, the plant contains an active agent, carnosic acid, which heals the tissues and nerve damage. According to the studies, the ingredient rejuvenates the nerves in the scalp and heals the nerve endings 6. It turns the dead follicles to restore hair growth. Making your Hair thick and healthy.

6.    Alleviates Itchy Scalp

An itchy scalp can be very irritating at times. There are many possible reasons for an itchy scalp, such as not washing the hair, product, or dirt buildup, and more. Seasonal shifts can also make the scalp itchy and irritating. In addition, a dry scalp that lacks moisture and hydration becomes itchy. Finally, any infection or infestation can also be a possible reason for an irritating scalp. 

If you face severe itching, you can treat it with rosemary oil, which has anti-inflammatory and soothing properties of the active compound carsonic acid. Rosemary oil's soothing properties make it an ideal product for itchy and dry scalps. In addition, the direct application of rosemary oil with your favorite carrier oil, such as coconut oil, provides moisture to dry hair. Moreover, it not only soothes the cuticle but also repairs the damaged scalp by cleaning the scalp and buildup. 

7.    Improves Blood Circulation

Rosemary oil has, just like other essential oils, amazing smoothening properties. Being a mild analgesic in nature, the oil is found effective against pain relive. In addition, as peppermint essential oil strengthens the hair by improving blood circulation, rosemary does so.


It prevents the hair follicles from being starved of the blood supply and leads to hair loss. Mild hair oil application on the scalp and proper massage with the finger pads give the best blood circulation results. The enhanced blood circulation makes you feel relaxed and uplifts your mood. 

The dead hair follicles activate and stimulate hair growth by circulating the blood in the scalp veins. Therefore, the overall effect of rosemary application allows you regrowth the hair on the bald patches and helps you recover from alopecia soon. Furthermore, it ends with healthier and stronger hair growth. 

Ways To Use Rosemary Oil for Hair

Apart from using rosemary oil for your hair, how you use it is important. Although it offers amazing results and has many benefits, there can be some side effects if used incorrectly. Here we will share how to use rosemary oil for hair as a hair thickener and restorative. Try these given ways twice weekly to get denser, healthier, and stronger hair. 

Massage Directly into The Scalp

Mix five drops of the rosemary oil into a carrier oil such as coconut oil or jojoba oil, and massage on your scalp after the bath. Rinse the oil if you want, or let it stay on your hair for a long time. If you want to wash your hair, apply it for four to six hours and wash it with a residue-free shampoo.

Add Rosemary Oil to Your Shampoo

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Play it safe and add some quantity of rosemary oil to your existing shampoo. This can also be applied to your hair conditioners, lotions, and butter. Keep it five drops per ounce of product. Use the shampoo as you use it in your daily routine. You can also take two drops on your palm and mix them with shampoo when taking a bath. 

Additionally, another best way to get the benefits of rosemary oil for hair is to add it to a homemade shampoo. Make a shampoo with all the organic ingredients and add this oil too. It will help you get its maximum benefit without manipulating the product. 

Use Rosemary Oil Products

The hair products market has many haircare lines containing rosemary oil as its top ingredient. The hair care industries are well-known for their benefits. Harmony's Essential Oils – Rosemary is a well-known product that has chosen the highest purity and quality. It is made with pure oil extracted from the plants in the farms of the US and other 40 countries. The essential rosemary oil is extracted by steam distillation from rosemary leaves. Romans and Egyptians have used this oil for its extensive benefits for hair, skin, and oral care.

Use this oil in pure form to get maximum benefits for your hair. Add it to your hair care products such as shampoo and a carrier oil and prevent premature graying and hair fall. In addition, it relieves the scalp nerves through its smoothening properties and nourishes your scalp well. 

Apart from it, there are many shampoos manufactured nowadays that contain rosemary oil. Therefore, you can search for shampoos that contain rosemary oil as their top ingredient to include this ingredient in your daily hair care regime.

Safety Tips to Use Rosemary Oil on Hair

Rosemary is a natural remedy, but it doesn't mean it has no side effects. It may only be safe in some concentrations for some people. Likewise, some things must be considered while choosing this oil for your hair issues. Continue reading to learn the safety tips to top-up the oil benefits for hair.

  • Keep it out of reach of children.
  • Perform a patch test to check if this suits your skin.
  • Do not apply the oil directly on the scalp as it can irritate.
  • Don't let it go into your eyes or mouth. If it goes into the eyes, rinse it with water. 
  • Pregnant ladies must consult with the doctor before using rosemary oil for hair or skin
  • Avoid its use on childhood scalps. No evidence has been found that it works for childhood hair loss. 

The Bottom Line

Rosemary has been used in hair products to promote hair growth. Using rosemary oil in any other form could do the same for you. Science and personal experience suggest that it is found effective against hair issues and helps them resolve after regular use. 

It is a simple remedy that you can use at home without getting into competitive commercial products. Plus, it is safe for use when used correctly. Apply the Harmony's Essential Oils – Rosemary twice with your hair product and remember to rinse well to get the maximum results. 

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