4 Must Try Summer Smoothies

Have you noticed anything? In a couple of days, our dietary tastes have changed dramatically: we no longer love piping hot beverages and now prefer all things cold and comfortable. Summer is actually a fantastic time to try new beverages. You may construct a variety of coolers with seasonal fruits and vegetables like mangoes, strawberries, and carrots that will not only satisfy your thirst but also provide an instant boost of energy. Summertime also brings with it the addition of shakes and smoothies. Smoothies can help you lose weight in addition to being delicious. If you're seeking a nutritious summer smoothie made with fresh fruits and veggies, look no further. Here are a few chilled smoothies with recipes that you may enjoy:

  1. Strawberry x banana smoothie

Whip up this refreshing strawberry x banana smoothie recipe for an instant energy boost! Each serving delivers nutrient-rich fruits, fiber, protein, and probiotics. It only takes a few minutes to prepare this cool and creamy tropical-inspired drink.

Strawberries are high in fiber, vitamins, and antioxidants, so a strawberry and banana smoothie is healthy. They are one of the top 20 fruits in terms of antioxidant content. A serving of strawberries (about 8 berries) has more vitamin C than an orange. If feasible, use organic strawberries. Strawberry non-organics frequently test positive for at least one pesticide.

Fiber, potassium, and magnesium are all found in bananas. The sugar in a banana is digested more slowly by your body than in processed sweets, so you get sustained energy rather than a sugar high and crash. Bananas, which are naturally sweet, are a healthy approach to fulfilling your sugar appetite. This strawberry banana smoothie is a fantastic alternative when you're craving a sweet frozen treat!

  • Ingredients

Frozen strawberries: Or you can sub in any other kind of frozen berries that you have on hand.

Banana: try using fresh bananas. You may remove some of the ice in this recipe if you have frozen sliced bananas.

Milk: This recipe may be made with any sort of milk, including cow's milk, almond milk, and oat milk.

Ice: As much as you need to create the consistency you want in your smoothie.

Optional add-ons: according to your choice or need

If you want a sweeter smoothie, you may add a dash of honey or some fruit juice to taste.

  • Recipe

This strawberry banana smoothie, like other smoothies, is really simple to make. All four ingredients are thrown into a blender, blended for less than a minute, then pour into a glass for a refreshing glass of handmade smoothie (with no added sugar or artificial flavors!).

This smoothie is delicious on its own, but you can thicken it up with extra toppings. Granola, seeds, or sliced fruit can all be added.

  1. Mango smoothie

A quick and easy mango smoothie is the perfect breakfast on the go or refreshing snack to get you through the day. It's fruity, delicious, and packed with nutrients. The best part? You can literally whip it up in just a minute or two. Talk about convenient!

This delectable mango smoothie will take you to a tropical paradise. In only 1 minute, the blender will spin up a luscious and creamy smoothie. Protein and fiber benefits are packed throughout every sip.

From May through September, fresh mangoes are in season, making them the greatest summer staple.

Mangoes are an exotic stone fruit admired for their vivid orange flesh, which is sweet and flavorful. Depending on the variety, it contains citrus, flowery, and peach overtones. It's also a low-calorie fruit with plenty of minerals, including fiber, protein, and vitamin C. A cup of sliced mango has 99 calories, 1.35 g of protein, 2.64 g of fiber, 24.7 g of carbohydrate, and 60.1 mg of vitamin C in it.

  • Ingredients

Mangoes: For this smoothie, fresh mangoes are best, but frozen mangoes can also be used. A typical 12-ounce mango will provide around one cup of diced fruit. You'll need two cups of frozen cubed mango for this recipe if you're using frozen mango.

Banana: It would be ideal if you could freeze your banana ahead of time. This will aid in the creation of a chilled, creamy texture. However, if you don't have any, you may use fresh.

This smoothie may be made with any dairy or non-dairy milk, including any almond milk, cashew milk, or oat milk!

Greek yogurt: If you want a thicker, creamier smoothie, Greek yogurt is the way to go. However, any plain dairy or non-dairy yogurt would suffice.

  • Recipe

To make this smoothie, just combine all of the ingredients in a blender and mix until smooth. If you're using frozen mango, you may need to press down the mixture with your spatula to ensure its evenly mixed.

Fill a jar halfway with a mango smoothie, add a straw, and slurp up this creamy, sweet, wonderful smoothie (and try not to get brain freeze).

  1. Tropical carrot smoothie

This simple-to-make carrot smoothie is bursting with tropical flavors and is so full of nutrients… healthy never tasted so good!

This carrot smoothie offers a slew of health benefits. It provides a healthy dose of protein and good fats due to Greek yogurt, cashew milk, and walnuts, allowing you to sneak in a full serving of vitamin-packed veggies before your daily commute.

It tastes like dessert but isn't laden with sugar or processed foods. This carrot smoothie is fresh, sweet but not overly sweet, and has layers of complementing tastes, similar to a slice of carrot cake.

Unlike a slice of carrot cake, though, it's a squeaky-clean nutritious breakfast option (as is the Beet Smoothie), and it's easy to drink on the go.

Simple ingredients, full of nutrients, deliciously and naturally sweet… this is the perfect smoothie!

  • Ingredients

Carrots: Sweet and nutrient-dense, carrots are nature's candy. They're high in vitamin A, fibre, potassium, vitamin C, and manganese.

Pineapple: Instead of ice, use frozen pineapple to help cool the smoothie without diluting it.

Banana: thickens and creamifies the smoothie.

Greek Yogurt: Add a cream cheese frosting-like tang without the extra fat or calories.

Cashew Milk: Adds heart-healthy unsaturated fats and protein while thinning the smoothie to a drinkable consistency.

Cinnamon + Nutmeg: Add essential carrot cake flavor to the recipe.

Walnuts: To give the smoothie a nuttiness while also adding healthful omega-3 fats and antioxidants to this delicious treat.

  • Recipe
  1. Combine all the ingredients into a blender.
  2. Blend until silky smooth, pour into a glass, and garnish as desired. ENJOY!
  1. Green spinach smoothie

Because most people do not consume enough veggies, nutritious Green smoothies are a delicious and convenient method to increase your intake of leafy greens and other vegetables. Leafy greens are nutrient-dense, high in vitamin A, vitamin K, and vitamin C, and high in calcium, fiber, and protein.

It's satisfying enough for breakfast or a perfect afternoon pick-me-up because it's vegan and full of nutritious ingredients. This is the only green shake you'll ever require! The best thing, though, is how easy and quick it is to create!

This tropical delight has the ideal fruit-to-veggie ratio, making it a wonderful green smoothie for beginners. While all green smoothies are nutritional powerhouses and full of amazing benefits, this one is especially great for your skin, thanks to the special ingredient; spinach.

Spinach is packed with nutrients and antioxidants like magnesium, potassium, calcium, iron, vitamin C, and soluble fiber. In addition, the leaves have a very mild flavor, making it seamless to add to a green smoothie.

  • Ingredients

Spinach: use fresh baby spinach

Banana: This recipe may be made with either fresh or frozen ripe bananas.

Milk: Use full fat or lower fat milk

Yogurt: thick plain yogurt or plain Greek yogurt

Honey: To add taste

  • Recipe

Blend the sliced banana, spinach leaves, milk, yogurt, and honey in a blender until smooth, then serve right away.

It will taste delicious because of the banana's smoothness, as well as the milk and yogurt. You will completely forget that you are drinking your greens.


Looking for a good source of nutrition to add to your summer smoothies? Consider purchasing a dietary supplement: If you enjoy fruit smoothies but are hungry after only 30 minutes, adding health supplements is a brilliant way to convert a smoothie into a balanced meal. Each intake of dietary supplement would typically add 15-g of protein to a fruit smoothie, making it a more full and well-balanced meal.

if you add supplements to your smoothie, you can grab in extra protein, fiber, antioxidants, amino acids, and other essential nutrients. Here are some recommendations for dietary supplements to include in your all kind of summer beverage choices, whether it's for the morning, noon, or night!

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  • Flavors
  • Usage

The rich formula includes a powder that can be mixed into coffee, smoothies, or other beverages to provide vanilla or chocolate-flavored antioxidant boost. Furthermore, the portions contain very minimum calories, ensuring that customers will not gain weight as a result of their chocolate or vitamin indulgence.

Simultaneously, using this supplement tends to help users stop the cravings that send them to the kitchen at all times of the day.

  • Ingredients

It only comes from organic ingredients, such as Wheatgrass, Chlorella, and 25 billion friendly probiotics.

Wheatgrass: Wheatgrass helps to boost red blood cell count, detoxify, alkalize, develop the immune system, and give dense nourishment, whereas

Chlorella: It is recognized for its natural detoxifying capabilities, including helping to clear the body of heavy metals, and is high in phytonutrients.ics from 12 strains.

Probiotics: 25 billion friendly probiotics from 12 strains aid digestion and help transport nutrients into the body.

  • Spectrum of multi nutrients

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  • Easy eating:

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