3 All Natural Relief Remedies for Sinus Infections

Harmony's preview:

  • Sinus infections can be extremely painful and interfere with a productive day.
  • Quick relief is available with natural remedies.
  • Reducing inflammation and mucous is a good idea to start the healing process.

natural sinus remedyBeep… Beep… Beep… The alarm clock slowly pulls you from your sleep but you feel like you are stuck in a haze. You roll over to turn the alarm off and it all comes rushing in; the headache, the runny nose, the sore throat, the congestion. You feel like a Mack Dump Truck has run into your head.  Sigh.  It looks like it is going to be another painful day. You don’t have time for this today; in a few hours you have to give a huge presentation at work that could make or break your career. The worries start to kick in.

Over the counter medicines take hours to alleviate sinusitis symptoms. Even if they start working fast, they leave your head foggy, sleepy or jittery. How can you land that new client when you cannot even think straight?  You need a game plan and you need it fast.

How to make your day better, less stressful and less painful:

There are several options available in your local health food store.  Each one is very helpful but when used together it is an effective combination to help you get back on your feet and back in the game!

  • Ear Candles truly can help minimize stress and help your body to relax.  Use of ear candles encourages relaxation, which as part of a healthy lifestyle, may help living with sinus infections. Choose Ear Candles made with certified ORGANIC cotton and the highest quality food grade wax available; For an extra boost of sinus relaxation get an ear candle with Eucalyptus, Lavender & Peppermint aromahanced blend. It is suggested using three to five ear candles per ear for the most relaxing sinus infection sensation.
  • Before Ear Candling, make sure to use Greensation’s Sinus Plumber - Made with a 100% natural formulation of horseradish and capsaicin. Sinus Plumber guarantees relief of congestion, headaches, and allergies in thirty seconds or less. Use 1-3 sprays per nostril for temporary relief of adverse sinus problems. Be prepared to have your eyes water and your nasal passages dialate … but this product really works.  As well, use this after Ear Candling, to encourage the open passageways and reduction of mucous. 
  • Essential Oils are great to use when you are suffering from sinusitis! Eucalyptus- Essential oils have made a huge splash in the natural health field. For the most amazing results, use essential oils in your Magnesium Flake bath.  Before ear candling and Sinus Buster, go ahead and take a very warm/hot bath (do not burn yourself), dump a cup of magnesium flakes and 12 drops of eucalyptus oils, slide into your tub, breath in the aroma and relax … allow your sinus passages to dialate and drain. 

Why Natural Remedies for Relief:

Side effects of sinus medications include dizziness, nausea, fatigue, and much more. Side effects of natural health products: relaxation and wellbeing. It is time to join the 150 million Americans that are currently using natural health practices.  It is time for Happy Energy and an Amazing Life.  Keep yourself Happy and Healthy by using natural remedies in times of crisis! 

Knock Out That Sinus Infection:

Use all three remedies:  Sinus buster plumber first, essential oils for sinus pressure like eucalyptus under the nose and breathing in deeply while ear candling. About 3 ear candles per ear later, several deep breaths of essential oils for sinus infections and 1 or 2 squirts of Sinus Buster Plumber will have you feeling better in less than an hour!