10 Strategies to Improve Your Body Image and Love Yourself

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you look in the mirror? Is it a good one to get noticed, or do you point to your insecurities? We all know that loving your body, as obvious as the notion may not seem, is often easier said than done. According to the research, 70% of women of age 18-30 years don't like their bodies1. So, if you also feel low about your body image, know that you're not alone. 

Any negative thoughts or insecurities about our body image are all set in our minds. Changing how we think can help you keep some peace with your body shape. It is a kind of brain game that can be controlled by our thoughts. There are countless ways of working on your body image, and you need to find out what ways are best for your body. In addition, some positive thoughts and daily affirmations can help you. 

If you're looking for ways to improve your body image and want to love yourself more than before, this blog is for you. From eating choices to having some great company, many aspects work on a person's overall well-being. In this blog, we will share some amazing ways by which you cannot only improve your body image, you will observe a transformational change in your thinking patterns. Continue reading to hook to the subject that will help you become stronger and more positive. 

10 Ways of Improving Your Body Image

Feeling not so good in your skin can be devastating and cause you to lose your self-confidence. Plus, it also affects your mental health. So, looking for ways to help you get out of your bubble and love yourself more is important. Reframe your way of looking into yourself. Accept yourself as a whole and then think and talk about the positive reformations you want. These changes can be about your lifestyle, eating habits, exercise and thinking patterns. Look deeper into different aspects and then take the final decision. Here are the ten tips that you must follow if you are looking for how to promote positive body image. Plus, they will bring positivity to your life and help you perform better. 

1.    Surround Yourself with Positive People

First, being positive in every aspect of your life is important. Feeling good about your body is easier when you are around good people. Positive thinking is a miracle that brings you lost confidence and helps you achieve your goals and dreams. Very few people don't judge you on your looks and give you the freedom to live as you want. The people who are genuinely supportive of you and recognize who you naturally are not less than a blessing. It is important to recognize such people and keep them in your life. 

Negative people with negative thoughts about our bodies are always around us, and such people have no other hobbies than commenting about other people's bodies. In addition, fake social media is the cherry on top, which keeps you in the complex with twisted and photo-shopped pictures. So, the first thing to an improved body image is to not compare your real life with the life on social media. If you are struggling with your body image, you need to keep going until or unless you are fully satisfied with your shape.

2.    Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

People come in different shapes and sizes. All individuals have different body sizes and shapes depending upon their genetics, eating habits, and hormonal changes. Every person is beautiful in some way. Imagine how boring it would be if all looked the same with the same body traits. That is the thing that God has gifted different individuals with different blessings. It is human nature to create a comparison with others. You must not compare your body structure with others to improve your body image. 

It is good to take some inspiration from others to improve yourself. But getting jealous of others is insane. You can take inspiration from your fellow friends about starting the gym to tone your body. Likewise, it is a good idea to join their meditation group. But, looking at others and staying in the thought that you are supposed to look like them is not a positive thing. 

3.    Find A Purpose in Life

People with a purpose in their life have barely any time to look at others and comment on them. If you are in the crowd who want to spend a purpose-full life, you must know what you love to do. It can be the smallest thing to your career goals. A purpose in your whole day is enough to keep you busy and worry about your insecurities. 

If you want to tune your body, make it your purpose. Spend some time in the research and note what needs to be done. For instance, you want to start active and fir. Take it slow and avoid any junk food and food with higher sugar content. Likewise, keep adding some healthy drinks and healthy recipes to your diet. After some time, look for body exercise that can help you get rid of the body fat. In this way, you can get closer to your goal and achieve what you want. Plus, achieving what you want will boost your confidence and motivate you for similar purposes. 

Ultimately, having a new hobby with an improved lifestyle is far more satisfying than thinking that you don't fit in your old clothes. So, start working on yourself right now before it is too late.  

4.    Meditate Daily

Meditation is an incredible tool to clear all negative thoughts. According to the research, meditation improves the life cycle of people by reducing anxiety and depression. The decrease in anxiety and stress is evident in the individual's body and activities2. Plus, improving body image activities, including meditation, plays a vital role. 

Meditation is a relaxing activity that you can easily perform at home. It is more effective with some relaxing supplies such as scented candles and else effective. Use the essential oils in your favorite scent with a diffuser to create the environment. Meditation at night before going is an activity that releases all the stress. Lit a scented candle or use the H.E.A.L's Essential Oils with the diffuser. Aromatherapy helps you meditate and unwind your mind. The oil relieves anxiety, and its massage helps relax the muscles, giving you peaceful sleep after a hectic day. So, to love yourself, you must perform meditation with a great ambiance and give some time to yourself. 

5.    Record The Positives

It may seem tough to get to where you want to be. But with some effort daily and self-confidence, you can reach there. During your journey to self-love and improving body image, you must note down the things or goals you've achieved. It can be as minor as just the yoga exercise or healthy eating. Record the positive behaviors for self-motivation. 

Struggling with body image comes with challenges. Now, it's up to you to create positive body image worksheets and write the details daily. Write the things that you love about yourself. Mention the things that you do daily. Researches show that putting your feelings into words helps you heal better3. It gives you self-reflection and helps you perform even better by reducing uncertainty. 

6.    Do Something Nice for Your Body

What was the last time that you gifted something to yourself? How can you expect others to love you if you don't love yourself first? If you want to stay in good body shape, then you need to be happy in the first place. Besides physical fitness, mental health plays a vital role in maintaining good body shape. It would be best if you gift yourself something productive to stay motivated for your goals. For instance, show some love to yourself with H.E.A.L's Spa Kit, which contains magnesium body flakes, magnesium oil, ear candles, and Lavender essential oil. Use this kit to enjoy some me-time while having a bath or meditation. Give your body some relief by having a therapeutic massage of scented essential oil. If you feel physically fit, you can improve your body image and be more productive in your daily activities. 

7.    Exercise

Life is all about balancing various things that affect our life. For body image, it is important to have a work-life balance. If you have a job that does not help you move for hours, it can disturb your body. In such circumstances, the best way to keep your body in shape is by having a routine of exercise. 

Life is more about how we look, and it is also about how we feel, how we behave, and how we react. How we feel about our bodies can dictate our mood swings. So, it is a great idea to have some activity to help us overcome our negative thoughts about body image. Join a yoga class or a meditation to be at peace with your feelings and perform the exercise to tone your body. Studies reveal that yoga and exercise help as great self-esteem boosters4. Likewise, spending time with your friends who are not body-focused can also positively affect your mind.            

8.    Healthy Eating

Do you want to improve your figure? Want to know how to overcome body image insecurities? Having a portion control diet can help you maintain a good figure. Your body is what you eat, think, and feel about yourself. Studies show that dieting improves body image and is ineffective for a long time5. The weight gets stuck at some point, and you need to bring more changes to your diet and lifestyle in the form of exercise.

Eating healthy is one of the things that can help you improve your body image. Less sugar intake and no junk food with plenty of water are important to improve digestion. Additionally, it helps in keeping the body well hydrated. With daily exercise, you can keep yourself on track to the successful journey of improving your body image. 

9.    Be Gentle to Your Body

Among all the ways to promote positive body image and self-worth, having some relationship with your body proves effective. For instance, what was the last time you got a new haircut? When was the last time you got your acrylic nails? Touch is an incredible way of reinforcing the way you feel about yourself. A simple haircut can bring so much change to your whole existence. Having some skincare routine, you can feel the transformation towards self-love. Hence, try to be gentle by following some little self-care tips. Get the manicure and pedicure services from the salon. Refresh yourself by getting aromatherapy with a stress-relieving massage. It not only improves your mental well-being but also keeps you motivated in your life.

10.        Avoid Offending Media

Whatever we read or watch has a direct impact on our mental health. Social media platforms are a single click away, and we absorb unnecessary information about the people we barely know. Plus, the magazines and websites deliver exaggerated stories that affect mental health.

It is vital to control the knowledge you absorb from certain social media platforms. Cut off the apps that make you think about your choices. Don't let this social media life impact your struggle toward self-love. Likewise, avoid the ads that make you feel inferior due to the beauty standards, including your skin color, height, weight, or body shape. 

The Bottom Line

To sum up, improving your body image is not only possible through your physical efforts. And it is more about how much you are determined and how you keep going. Further, with a great combination of healthy eating, thinking positive, meeting positive friends, and having some meditation, you can surely achieve the perfect body weight with a perfect body figure. Plus, you will be able to celebrate yourself and love yourself more.