Bodytox Warm Patches- 14 Pack
relax sore muscles and cramps detox patches
Bodytox Warm Patches- 14 Pack
Bodytox Warm Patches- 14 Pack

Bodytox Warm Patches- 14 Pack

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Bodytox’s Natural Warm Patches combine natural ingredients including warm-heat pigment and worldwide patented microcapsules which delivers increased levels of Far Infared (FIR).

Ingredients: all natural ingredients including: agaricus, microcapsules, and polysaccharide.

Instructions: Patches should be left on for between 6-12 hours during sleep time. The patches may require 6-14 days to achieve maximum results. Stop daily use when patches become lighter in color; proceed as a maintenance program for 3 days. 


“My wife and I consistently use your product. We both feel better overall afterwards. We feel our mind & body is cleared and refreshed.“

Andrew L.  –  of Virginia Beach, VA

“I was a little frightened at first, but my friend persuaded me to try it. Boy, am I hooked now! I suffer from chronic headaches, and the ear candling has helped tremendously.” 

Leann P.  -  of Winston, NC

“I have always had a problem with my balance & started using your ear candles a while back. These ear candles are awesome.”

Julie H.  -  of Salem, NC

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