Living in Harmony with Doc Harmony

  • Ideas for the Perfect Fall Date

    by Doc Harmony

    With these fall date ideas, fall can be the perfect season to find love. These date ideas highlight fall's cherished flavors and customs, while others take advantage of October and November's cold, crisp weather. The wonderful thing about these fall date ideas is that they work well for relationships at any stage.

  • Harmony's Mullein Oil and Earaches

    by Doc Harmony

    If you have a habit of scratching your ears with cotton swabs, creating minor trauma, if you suffer from ear eczema, swimmer's ear, painful ears from wind chill, or if you can't have water near your ear, then Harmony’s Mullein Oil will be an excellent choice. It is a potent combination oil containing antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, moisturizing, and pain-relieving agents that help living with earaches, dry or itchy ears, and inflamed ears.

  • How To Pamper Yourself After Work This Fall

    by Doc Harmony

    Pampering should be a part of your self-care routine because life can be hard, and you need to make time for your physical, mental, and emotional health. To keep a good work-life balance, it's important to learn how to unwind and forget about work worries when you go home.

  • 7 Essential Oils for the Best Sleep

    by Doc Harmony
    The use of essential oils for improving sleep quality is highly effective. Aromatherapy has been used in several ways for a long time. With digitalization, the world is changing, so the ways of living are also evolving.
  • Must-Have Back to School Products

    by Doc Harmony

    This blog will share some very important products that can help you and your kids enjoy the school days. Hundreds of brands and companies promote back to school with innovative ideas that help kids develop an interest in various activities. Besides the physical and mental growth, parents must keep attention to kids' overall health to prepare them to return to school.

  • At-Home Spa Sets that Promote Self Love

    by Doc Harmony
    Self-love is the richest kind of love you can have for yourself and the surest way to live a happy life. Check out this at-home spa sets for ultimate relaxation!
  • Harmony's Natural Products for Skin Care

    by Doc Harmony

    The beauty industry is filled with high-tech equipment and innovative products, but when it comes to treating some of the most prevalent skincare issues, newer is not always better. In some instances, simple natural products may be equally effective as scientifically designed alternatives.

  • Benefits of Lavender Oil for Skin and Hair

    by Doc Harmony
    Learn how lavender oil can make your skin and hair healthy, how to use lavender oil for skin and hair, and where you can get pure and organic lavender essential oil.
  • Basic First Aid Tips for Scrapes

    by Christopher Meyer

    While you may not always be able to protect your natural-born daredevil from harm, you can always be prepared. And what about numbing the agony in the present? You have a lot of options for making them feel better. We asked leading natural and holistic doctors to give their best tips for bandaging wounds, stocking a first-aid box, and soothing young patients, so you can quickly treat any mishap.

  • Natural Ways for Keeping Your Joints Healthy as You Age

    by Doc Harmony

    Joint issues can result in pain and stiffness, which can have a negative impact on your health and quality of life. Consequently, maintaining or improving joint health is necessary for healthy aging. Fortunately, there are various things you can do, such as engaging in regular exercise, for keeping joints healthy as you age.

  • Natural Ways to Treat Sunburn

    by Doc Harmony

    While some moderate sun exposure is important for your health to prevent vitamin D deficiency, too much sun exposure can cause harmful sunburn or sun poisoning, which can raise your risk of skin cancer and early wrinkles.

  • 10 Strategies to Improve Your Body Image and Love Yourself

    by Doc Harmony
    Improving your body image is not only possible through your physical efforts. And it is more about how much you are determined and how you keep going. Further, with a great combination of healthy eating, thinking positive, meeting positive friends, and having some meditation, you can surely achieve the perfect body weight with a perfect body figure. Plus, you will be able to celebrate yourself and love yourself more.