Living in Harmony with Doc Harmony

  • 8 Tips to Keep Your Skin Beautiful Year-Round

    by Doc Harmony
    These 8 tips routine seems to be tough at the start, but make sure you remain persistent with it. Consciously taking care of your skin is the only way to save it from the harms of summers and winters. And that’s the only way to keep your skin glowing and beautiful throughout the year.
  • How to Exercise in the Heat

    by Doc Harmony
    An individual’s body needs adaptations to carry out different activities. So gradual training is effective in preventing any harm to your body. Hydrating yourself has proven to be a very effective contributor in enhancing heat loss. Gels like ŐSIMAGNESIUM gel have also played role in promoting post-exercise relaxation.
  • How to Keep Your Hair Healthy in the Summer

    by Doc Harmony
    Hair is an important part of your body that makes you look perfect if it's in good condition. It requires an equal amount of attention you give to your skin. The scalp skin needs all the essential nutrients to promote better hair growth, and you can get that all only by following a proper summer hair care routine.
  • Best Tips to Enjoy the Sun and Outdoors Safely

    by Doc Harmony
    You can enjoy the outdoor activities to your fullest potentials if you cover your body, apply sunscreens, wear hats and sunglasses, spray your body with bug repellent, and keep your body hydrated. That is all you need to protect your skin from getting suntans, hyperpigmentation, and melanoma. 
  • Healed vs. Cured

    by Doc Harmony

    Healing: the process of regaining true health.*

    Healing happens from the inside out. It happens when we allow our body to engage in its natural process of healing.

    Cured: the relief of the symptoms of a disease or condition.*

  • 10 Natural Ways to Detoxify the Body

    by Doc Harmony

    Food, water, cosmetics, and every household contain toxins affecting your body on many levels. These toxins accumulate in your body and produce adverse effects like weight gain. No matter how conscious you are about your wellness, these toxins affect you in one way or another.

  • Fear-less!

    by Doc Harmony

    Paranoia is the belief that most every thing (one) in the Universe is conspiring against you.

    But what if you chose to believe in ParaNONnoia * instead?  Which is the belief that most everything in the Universe is aspiring to support you!

  • How to Maintain Normal Weight to Avoid Diseases

    by Doc Harmony
    It is the stigma of today’s society that we have normalized being overweight or underweight rather than maintaining the ideal weight according to our body types. People think it is normal to be out of the ideal weight range. 
  • Collective Consciousness...

    by Doc Harmony

    A single thought sends out powerful energy.  Positive or negative.

    Several people transmitting the same thought, amplifies, energizes and multiplies that energy. Which in turn can exert a powerful influence on others.

  • Lifestyle Changes to Improve Heart Health

    by Doc Harmony
    For your overall health to improve, don't forget to take care of your heart, arteries, and circulatory system. Your circulatory system consists of a network of blood vessels, capillaries, and arteries. For your organs to survive, oxygen is necessary, so the role of your arteries is pretty crucial.
  • 10 Positive Practices for Meditation

    by Doc Harmony
    Absolutely nothing has passed the test of time like meditation. If it didn’t offer vast benefits, it would not have been such an integral part of the human consciousness for more than 6000 years.mi
  • Immune System Enhancement

    by Doc Harmony
    Following a healthy lifestyle, use the herbs, vitamins, and minerals discussed in this article to strengthen your immune system. Research has exhaustively demonstrated that these nutrients like vitamin C, vitamin D, elderberry, zinc, vitamin B12, ginger, turmeric, etc., decrease inflammation, relieve oxidative stress, treat upper respiratory tract infections (common colds, flu, etc.), and support your immune system.