Living in Harmony with Doc Harmony

  • Healed vs. Cured

    by Doc Harmony

    Healing: the process of regaining true health.*

    Healing happens from the inside out. It happens when we allow our body to engage in its natural process of healing.

    Cured: the relief of the symptoms of a disease or condition.*

  • Fear-less!

    by Doc Harmony

    Paranoia is the belief that most every thing (one) in the Universe is conspiring against you.

    But what if you chose to believe in ParaNONnoia * instead?  Which is the belief that most everything in the Universe is aspiring to support you!

  • 10 Positive Practices for Meditation

    by Doc Harmony
    Absolutely nothing has passed the test of time like meditation. If it didn’t offer vast benefits, it would not have been such an integral part of the human consciousness for more than 6000 years.mi
  • More on Love…

    by Doc Harmony
    Doc Harmony is proud to share Mrs. Neo's blog about love! More on LoveBy: Mr. & Mrs. NEO Mrs. Neo is a Favorite Guest Blogger and always know...
  • Sleep The Elixir of Life – The Fountain of Youth

    by Doc Harmony
    • Sleep is the Most Important thing that we can do for our health, longevity and quality of life.
    • Without sleep we are robbing ourselves of good memory, good health and vitality
    • You cannot recover from a lack of sleep. You cannot catch up on the weekend … you have to commit to a good nights rest.
  • Physiological Effects of Magnesium

    by Doc Harmony
    Magnesium is an indispensable macro element. We need about 400 mg of magnesium per day but the majority of people consume only a fraction of this. Under certain conditions and in various situations, the required amount increases – such as during pregnancy and breastfeeding, illnesses, in case of poor diet and being on a diet, trying to lose weight, insufficient exercise and intense workouts. Are you left wondering what are the effects of magnesium?
  • A Life of Enjoyment- Life Life Naturally!

    by Doc Harmony
    Life is meant for enjoyment. We are made to thrive, not just survive. How often do we think this way? How often we are caught up in the to-do’s, daily events and projects? Maybe it’s time to realign and start asking ourselves some deeper questions:
  • Tips for Coping with Holiday Stress

    by Doc Harmony
    The holidays: travel, family, hotels, different beds, guests, food, black Friday, shopping, irregular schedules, desires, compulsions, etc …
  • Stress Free Holidays

    by Doc Harmony
    With the holidays just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about our plans, goals, maybe shopping ideas and planning family get togethers. While this holiday season may look a lot different than any we have experienced before, it doesn’t mean there’s no room for the looming stress to sneak its way into our plans. However, we don’t have to let stress be a guest at our gatherings this year. Think about it … you have permission to un-invite guests!! Bye-bye stress! Of course, this is easier said than done. But today, I just want to examine what causes our stress around this holiday season and how we can permanently un-invite stress from our awesome holiday season ahead … for good!
  • Benefits of Strength Training for Older Women

    by Doc Harmony
    As our bodies age, it’s important to keep our bodies happy and healthy! For some, we allow ourselves to become culprits of our age. Aging is part of life and yes, it’s inevitable. While we cannot age ourselves younger, we can incorporate healthy habits, especially with exercise that will slow the aging process. Actually, it’s imperative that we take action to improve overall health, striving for longevity.
  • Achieving Family Health Together

    by Doc Harmony
    With many of us are spending more time together at home these days, it’s a gift and opportunity to embrace. In my house we are making it a mission to lead a healthy family life together. There’s no better time than now! Your kids will always look to you, so set the example for their futures, as the things you all do together now, may be traditions or activities they want to incorporate in their future families. Below are some fun ways to entertain and encourage your whole family to become the healthiest versions of themselves.
  • Finding Peace with Ourselves

    by Doc Harmony
    Well this isn’t an easy topic to address or digest, at least for most of us. Both men and women struggle with really loving ourselves fully. Maybe we do like or admire a few things about ourselves, even if it’s just the shape of your lips or toes! For others, it may be painful to find anything at all we like. Either way, I encourage you to keep reading.