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  • 12 Best Homemade Detox Drinks

    by Doc Harmony
    Detox drinks are an easy and effective solution for removing toxins from your body, weight loss, and rejuvenation of the skin. Homemade detox drinks are best for reducing body weight and boosting the immune system. Despite all the benefits of detox drinks, it is not wise to solely depend on this drink for a healthy life.di
  • Our Favorite Healthy Breakfasts

    by Doc Harmony
    Well-balanced, nutritious breakfast can provide you with energy and help you avoid overeating throughout the day. The above are only a few ways you can eat a healthy breakfast. Choose well-balanced options that will enhance your day with nutrients and avoid the typical cereal, bagels, and pastries.
  • How To Maintain Healthy Blood Sugar Levels Without Medication

    by Doc Harmony
    High blood sugar is caused when your body produces insufficient insulin or does not use it efficiently. Insulin is a hormone that adjusts your blo...
  • Avoid Magnesium Deficiency Symptoms, Improve Your Overall Well Being

    by Doc Harmony
    • Magnesium is an amazing mineral that targets many areas of your body.
    • Magnesium is not only essential to your well being but is necessary for a healthy well being.
    • Using Magnesium as part of your daily hygiene is easy, fast, efficient and effective.
  • Why I Should Dry Brush With Magnesium Oil- I Learned From Dr. Gaultier

    by Doc Harmony

    By now, we have all probably heard about Magnesium and its’ wonderful benefits, like:

    • Improves Brain Function
    • Helps Maintain a Healthy Heart
    • Helps Ease Muscle Pain
    • Helps Your Immune System Stay Powerful and Healthy
    • Helps Your Bones Stay Strong
    • Helps Maintain Blood Sugar Levels
  • Stress Affects Your Body More Than You Know

    by Doc Harmony
    Just recently, I fell down a flight of stairs and injured myself (no broken hips, thankfully). However, what I did not realize was how much the fall and the injuries were affecting my stress levels and my blood pressure!
  • Benefits of Organic Food - Your Comprehensive Guide

    by Doc Harmony

    A few years back, organic food was uniquely available in health food stores, and only a few people could afford it.

    Today, organic food has become widely available in every supermarket out there, with substantially lower prices.

    These foods provide your body with a myriad of health benefits that involve every organ system.

  • Anti-Inflammatory Diet - Your Comprehensive Guide

    by Doc Harmony

    Inflammation is a natural process that aids your body fight off infections and heal after injuries. It is crucial for our survival.

    However, when it becomes chronic, your body undergoes several changes that could potentially lead to debilitating diseases.