H.E.A.L. Stress Reliever Kit Is Here to Help!

Harmony’s Preview

  • Sometimes we just need a little extra help naturally to relax into a good nights rest.
  • Natural health products are easy and convenient to use with no side effects.


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It has been a long and stressful week and you have been tossing and turning all night, all week! This is so incredibly frustrating. What options does one have? H.E.A.L has put together some of their favorite products for night time support.

Sleepy Night Essential Oil is blended with Lavender, Bergamot and Patchouli. Lavender is used commonly by many people to help reduce stress and anxiety and to help them relax into sleep. Bergamot is popularly used to help soothe the nerves and reduce nervous tension. Patchouli relaxes tension in a majority of people and uplifts the mood. Breathe in deeply per your comfort or relax in a Magnesium Flake Bath and drop a few drops in a warm soothing bath tub.

After you dry off massage into your feet, legs, hand, and neck OSI Magnesium Body Lotion with Melatonin to support a good night’s rest fully relaxed.

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Next put on your BodyTox Lavender Sleep patches. These patches are super infused with lavender. The minute you open your patches, you will feel as if you are in the lavender patches in Aux De Provence as you inhale the lavender scent wafting out of your package.

The human body has over 360 Acupuncture points, with 60 of these and some 7000 nerve endings located on the soles of your feet. Reflexology is based on the theory that organs and are of the body are mirrored by a meridian point (acupuncture point). With your patches on, massage them a bit to release the lavender and allow your body to soak it up through the meridian pathways.

Then last but not least, get your partner and enjoy your lavender 2 pack of ear candles. As you are ear candling, breathe in your Sleepy Night Essential Oil blend and allow yourself to relax. As the ear candle burns down enjoy the sound and allow yourself to drift off to good memories of campfires. Feel yourself drift to a very relaxed, parasympathetic state. Make sure your partner is holding your ear candle and remove it when it reaches the burn line label.

If you are lucky, maybe your partner can carry you to bed but if not, it is time to go to bed. Slither into bed, pull your sheets up, put on your sleep mask and enjoy your good nights rest.

We hope you enjoy our products and we look forward to receiving your feedback and input on what we think is a natural and holistic way to encourage oneself to rest.